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22 marzo, 2011

Contrato de licencia de Introduction to Data Communications, de Eugene Blanchard:

Introduction to Data Communications since Revision 2.0 has the following licensing agreement. You are allowed to use it, view it, modify it without permission of the author Eugene Blanchard, provided that you agree to the following:

That you will try to be a better person today than yesterday.
That you will exercise your body as well as your mind.
That you will tell the persons dear to you that you love them.
That you will defend the rights of those who are unable to defend themselves.
That you will not hurt your family members emotionally or physically.
That you will respect your elders and care for them in time of need.
That you will respect the rights of others in their religious beliefs.
That you will respect the rights of others in their sexual orientation.
That every man, woman and child has the right to be here and is equal regardless of race, creed or color.
That you will act honorably in all aspects of your personal and business life.
That your family is first and foremost the most important thing in your life.
That when you make a mistake, that you admit it and make amends.

Contrato de licencia de WordWeb Dictionary thesaurus:

Welcome to the WordWeb dictionary-thesaurus.

All users may use WordWeb for 30 days for evaluation purposes. After 30 days you may use it only if you take fewer than three flights in any 12-month period (i.e. at most one return flight per year). If you fly more than this you must purchase WordWeb Pro to continue using the software after 30 days.

See licensing for details. All users may also benefit from extra features by upgrading to WordWeb Pro – see for more information and ordering options.

Click Accept to start installing.

Twitt de Almightygod:

To most Christians, the Bible is like a software license. Nobody actually reads it. They just scroll to the bottom and click “I agree.”

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